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Building on Team Resilience


About this Team learning Experience 

Resilience has become a buzzword in the corporate world and rightly so given that resilience practices are key to maximising both wellbeing and performance.

The ability to cope, thrive and flourish when the going gets tough relies on developing behaviours, thoughts and actions. Anyone can learn these habits and create strategies to help increase resilience and hardiness.

Resilience assists individuals and teams to better:

- Cope with the everyday demands and pressures of work
- Adapt to change and uncertainty
- Overcome challenges, barriers and obstacles
- Nurture physical and emotional wellbeing
- Build and maintain positive working relationships

This team toolkit measures team resilience. It compliments and builds on personal resilience practice, but then focuses on the behaviours that create resilience in groups of people who work together.

The team programme has been designed to focus on actions that can be implemented by the team itself. While group-level actions can be inhibited by external demands, both within and outside of the organisation, the premise is that teams can still create a sub-culture that contributes to resilience.

Product Lead

Ruth Wootton

Ruth Wootton

With over two decades experience in a variety of senior leadership roles and 10 years of coaching and leadership development under my belt, I work with individuals, teams and organisations to create sustainable success by giving them the tools, skills and strategies they need to aspire, grow and succeed.
It's my aim to blend evidence-based practices with an engaging, interactive approach to explore techniques that support team resilience in challenging circumstances. My big goal is to educate organisations about the intrinsic link between resilience and performance as it is all too often we treat them as separate entities.

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