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Mastering Team Conflict


About this Team learning Experience 

We all need each other when times get tough. Talking and active listening builds connection and can ultimately lead to trust and productive action. The programme will give you the intelligence to help navigate conflict that will occur due to the amplified division from the way we are all now working.

Keep communication strong with distributed teammates will help you can achieve mutually
beneficial results, however the chances of conflict are higher due to our filters letting us down. If this is happening to your team, you are not alone it is predicted. By developing conflict management skills for your team you can improved the dynamics and reduce the opportunity for grievances to arise by:

-Understanding how they relate to one other and how to productively navigate conflict
-Increasing commitment and responsibility for achieving shared outcomes
-Know their strengths and deploy them at the right time for greater effectiveness
-Collaborate remotely to make the best decisions for your organisation
-Create a Results Action Planner for a high-stakes situation they are facing right now for legacy following the programme

This programme can be delivered in any frequency, intensity and duration depending on your requirements. It focuses on moving your leadership to find ways to unleash the performance of individuals and teams through stronger, more productive relationships. Working relationships between managers and direct reports, among colleagues and across organisational silos are critical for long-term transformation as well as more finite change directives.

All learners will receive an invitation to complete the SDI 2.0 via email from our Core Strengths portal. It will take about 30 minutes to complete. The programme is also supported by the use of a Core Strengths App to compare and contrasts with your team members personality and conflict profiles following the session(s).

As part of the programme your teams will:

- Have Insightful discussions to improve Relationship Intelligence and collaboration
- Be part of interactive sessions to increase learning retention beyond the virtual classroom
- Have state-of-the-art tools that deliver your personalised results
- Watch compelling videos showing strengths based communication in action
- Get hands-on practice of the skills essential for working better together

Product Lead

Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll

I am the Founder of Choose to Grow. I'm a Leadership Coach specialising in workplace conflict and have trained thousands of leaders in global organisations to continually collaborate & innovate in challenging times. My aim is to create a movement of leaders with high Relationship Intelligence so they get ahead of the formation of 'in and out groups' as a result of hybrid working. My vision is to share the workings of Core Strengths as the ultimate guide to help your teams build trust, resilience, and use their strengths to solve the unforeseen challenges ahead. Because there’s one thing I'm certain of – when relationships work, there isn’t a problem we can’t solve as a team.

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