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Team Strategy Session


About this Team learning Experience 

A team strategy day is about increasing the odds of winning in the future. It's as much an art as it is a science, and often more about 'people' than anything else. So I will make sure your facilitation process helps people to understand and engage with your strategy.

How often have you heard that you need to spend more time ‘on the business plan or service plan’ rather than ‘in the business or service’?

But as a leader of a busy department it's difficult to prioritise or even lift your head out of the sand. Your team strategic planning days off site are not happening due to the change in working conditions. These used to be one of the most valuable ways to spend time with your team on strategy and it just isn't happening now.

We can help.

As part of this learning offering we will help you discover, design, deliver and develop your time with your team in a physical or virtual session and take care of the following:

- Your success plan
- You role as a leader within this
- Assessment of the current state of performance
- New ways to get things flowing again
- Bring the latest thinking from your sector or industry
- Facilitate blue sky thinking down to tangible actions, behaviours and thinking from your team
- Narrow in on the right ideas and raise accountability
- Create clarity so everyone is on purpose

This programme can be delivered in any frequency, intensity and duration depending on your requirements. It focuses on moving your leadership to the forefront of your teams minds and allows you to check in with them them on psychosocial & performance grounds.

Product Lead

Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll

I am the Founder of Choose to Grow. I'm a Leadership Coach specialising in workplace resilience and have trained thousands of leaders in global organisations to continually collaborate & innovate in challenging times. My aim is to get teams performing again following the disruption to working conditions so they can propel themselves towards a purpose supported by a leader can give clarity in times of ambiguity. My big game is to close the leader and team divide and make passion contagious again in large scale organisations.

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