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Engaging Hybrid Teams


About our offering

The problems you will be facing in your organisation at the moment:

The world of work has changed dramatically. Video is the new face to face. We have been catapulted into the virtual age. For the foreseeable future, meetings, client interactions, pitches and presentations will be online or hybrid. The days of all participants being in the same room are gone. Could conferences be a thing of the past for your organisation?

This new way of connecting throws up numerous challenges and yet as the landscape changes, video is one of the most powerful tools you have to engage your teams in a vision - so they are propelled towards the purpose of your organisation. Use this well and you can create lasting engagement and drive performance to new heights. Use it badly and meeting opportunities will become less productive and fail to create positive momentum.

Our solution with this product & service:

Technologically and socially, online conferences can be very limiting. But technological advances combined with principles of psychology & neuroscience ensure we can deliver a virtual conference to remember. By understanding how to activate employee engagement, participation & activation levels with our unique conference formula also gives us the possibility to break borders with performance, inclusion & satisfaction levels.

Our virtual conferences can be help on a platform of your choice and up to 350 people interactively or 1000 in presentation mode. We operate an engage, participate & activate formula with includes a full conference marketing package, all technical aspects of your conference handled by our team so you can enjoy the day, and is then followed up with management information and digital assets from the day to be included in your strategic direction for the year ahead.

Product Lead

Phil Carroll

Phil Carroll

I am a strategic leadership expert. I specialise in the collation of management information that enhances organisational performance. I have driven up leadership capability in top performing housing associations in England & Wales and led on award winning reorganisations. My aim is to make leadership easier now we are hybrid working with our Virtual Conference offering as I believe this is the business transformation we were all waiting for to create balance for our workforce and to move forward with our digital capability. My vision is to create that 'One Team Feeling' again, move forward strategically post pandemic and engage staff in a creative way that leaves a legacy to build on for 'business as usual' in the hybrid world.

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