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Learn to PIVOT with Change


About our offering

We ensure you can deliver performance in you newly formed hybrid organisation by making Leadership easier with our PIVOT Model - A 5 Step Leadership Method to ensure you can meet your organisational ambitions without damaging the brain health of your teams.

We created the PIVOT model for Leaders because:

-Teams are fractured due to the disruption in working environments
-Inclusion isn't happening because of time and knowledge constraints
-People are struggling to re-energise due to continual change

Previous working conditions for most - Agility was a bonus, privilege or add-on. Teams had boundaries, patterns, routines & behaviours to look up to, that supported the company identity, relationships & helped leaders monitor performance.

The Hybrid Organisation - Looks very different - agility is a must. The Purpose, Values & Culture are no longer "on the walls" holding performance together. They need to be at the core of leadership practice to ensure the moving parts of the hybrid organisation deliver the desired performance outcomes. This will only happen if your teams can persevere in the face of future challenge, Include all your talent to work collectively towards the common goal, deliver value creation, optimise performance levels & trust your new hybrid organisations.

How will your Leaders manage this shift?

Pivoting in Leadership is being in a central role, having the awareness of the power of a positive attitude and the difference it can make in an organisation to defuse stress, keep the team focused, and build strong morale.

Leaders who can pivot know when change is required and can steer performance in a new direction without damaging the brain health of their employees.

It is also the art of recognising when a specific idea, direction or product, in which you've invested significant energy, is no longer the correct path to follow... being brave enough to call it, and then change direction without losing buy-in from your team.

By investing in PIVOT competencies your leadership teams will be able to:

-Redefine who you are as a Forming Hybrid team
-Improve your ability to operate & communicate inclusively
-Develop the ability to lead in new directions without losing buy in

This programme can be delivered in any frequency, intensity and duration depending on your requirements. It focuses on moving you towards adopting a neuro leadership culture where wellbeing is at the core of your actions, behaviours and thinking rather than a token or add on to your leadership responsibilities and the principles from neuroscience & psychology guarantee greater engagement, collaboration & happiness from your hybrid workforce where every they may work.

Product Lead

Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll

I am the Founder of Choose to Grow & creator of the PIVOT model a 5 step leadership principle that with enhance you ability to lead our hybrid team. I'm a Leadership Coach and specialise in workplace resilience and have trained thousands of leaders in global organisations to continually collaborate & innovate in challenging times. My aim is to create a movement of Leaders that can build high-performing teams in hybrid organisations using brain to brain leadership. My big game is to flip the script on poor mental health at work by just carrying out their daily leadership role - as I believe that it's our talented & diverse workforce are the key to sustainable economic growth in hybrid organisations and if we don't address the psycho social impact of hybrid working through our daily leadership there are a lot of talented minds at stake.

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