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Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

Behaviour Change Programmes

We deliver these any time, anywhere, with anyone in your organisation at your request to help you see the new world view from an internal and external dimension.  Typical activity from us could include:

  • Board Engagement for guaranteed success

  • Creating the right cultural conditions that align people with business strategy, so you are future proofed

  • Changes to structure, culture, strategy and individual processes 

  • Applying behavioural science to culture change and business transformation

  • Involvement at all levels of the organisation to create a shared understanding of the challenge and equipping everyone with new skills, knowledge and ways of thinking

  • Positive promotion of high performance, customer focus, and continuous improvement

  • Communicating change in a flexible, adaptive and participative way that builds resilience

  • Putting the right mechanisms in place to create momentum, so that change continues beyond the life of the initial change programme

We will carry out an analysis of your processes, people, and then your current performance. We will then evaluate what direction you would like to take next to improve overall performance by linking:

  • Your strategy with your culture

  • Your goals with those of your employees

  • Your values with your actions

Using this methodology we then design and deliver training or consultancy services that are authentic to your needs and that will create progression and movement in your people. We use a wide range of tools, techniques and diagnostics to support your learning and development journey that will ensure your inner potential is released. We also closely monitor your progress by carrying out our metric evaluation process that will capture individual and team development, track performance and highlight future development needs.


This way we can be sure that we are delivering training or development programmes that are meaningful and give you a return on your investment.  To add value to what we do, we offer a debrief service with your managers so they can use this metric evaluation to steer future change and performance independently following our work.

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