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Otsuka Pharmaceuticals UK: Resilience at Work Project

Otsuka Pharmaceutical UK is an affiliate of the wider European group. It is in a very exciting phase of its evolution, with the launch of the “Be the Best Together” Vision & Strategy in January 2018. They are a dynamic, growing organisation with a diverse group of motivated employees, all working together in an environment that fosters creativity. Otsuka’s success is built on a culture of unconventional creativity, innovation and collaboration. By encouraging their people to follow these ideals, they help to unlock their true potential as they strive to deliver new products for better health worldwide and create the healthcare solutions of tomorrow.  Their non-conformist attitude means that they avoid generic approaches to product development, instead focusing their energy on creating original products and, in doing so, making a real difference to the lives of patients.

“The Insights profiles were very helpful in supporting us to develop our Leadership style.”

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow
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