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Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow


The self-managing workforce

To create an environment of employee self-management you need to recruit individuals who have good self-awareness, self-discipline and motivation. But it takes a culture of trust and delegation to ensure these individuals will thrive in your organisation. The natural extension of employee self-management is team self-management, creating an environment where you, the leader, serve as visionary facilitator, seeking input and advice from the expert employees in your company. Your job then is to hire, onboard, and lead.

This doesn’t mean you should not provide tools and resources - as they say, ‘trust but verify’. So, in addition to project, productivity and time management tools, you’ll use your HR recognition and solid leadership skills to support your self-managed workforce.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

As we know this is your ultimate goal as a leader, we have packed our programmes with ideas, suggestions, strategies and tools for you to improve your organisation. We’ll move you from a typical top-down management structure to one in which the strength of your team members contributes to your business growth, leaving you with time to set the organisation direction, instead of managing individual work performance.

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