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What makes us tick

We believe in balance, energy and transformation. They pervade everything we do and drive how we approach helping organisations regain their flow.

Balance means a lot to us, so we bring no preconceptions. We’re always open-minded and we never falter in applying absolute rigour and objectivity. We form very close partnerships with our clients because achieving their objectives takes real harmony and unity of purpose. We thrive on bringing balance into our client’s organisations too. Balancing seemingly conflicting dynamics; strategy with culture, goals with engagement and values with actions.

What we do takes a lot of energy.  Deep cultural changes require high-impact solutions. And we support our clients where they most need it. For us, future-proofing organisations and imparting the ability to self-manage feels like we’re literally energising them again.


Then finally for us this all about transformation. It’s about meeting change head-on with change. Every day we’re developing attitudes, perceptions and behaviours. And we never stand still for long ourselves. It’s our duty to continually transform ourselves through up-skilling and keeping pace with the latest developments in leadership research and neuroscience.

The People Who Make the

Magic Happen



Founder & Director of Organisational Development

Emma is the heartbeat and driving force of the organisation. Passionate about creating an engaged and resilient workforce, Emma has been designing and implementing Learning and Development solutions for a number of high-profile clients since the company’s launch in 2015. Emma specialises in the ability to transform organisational behaviour to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper. Her interventions are developed with a 'systematic mindset' – they create alignment with the organisations goals and activities in a planned way, with a view to bringing about a particular result that will improve the overall performance of the organisation. Her motivation comes from her insights, experience and research into corporate behaviours that link with neuroscience. Her mantra is that future business world leaders must learn how to adapt, optimise and sustain their wellbeing and that of their workforce in order to perform in the challenging environments they face. 

What our clients say

She gets business, she gets people, and she has the methodology to build resilient organisations for the future.

What we say

Whether it is working with a cross-section of senior staff, being creative with a specific team or coaching individuals, Emma brings energy, balance and transformation to any orgnanisational development arena.


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