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Bron Afon Community Housing: Leading for Resilience 90 Day Challenge

Bron Afon’s ambition is to create flourishing communities in Wales, where everyone has a quality home and where people who need it are supported and encouraged. They are now in their 10th year since transferring from the Local Authority to a Community Led Mutual and have celebrated by setting themselves some stretching targets for the future. They pledged to be an agile, effective and efficient business, delivering the services tenants and customers need; provide a powerful voice and be a trusted presence for those who need it; and to have built hundreds of new homes and created thousands of life changing opportunities by 2023. To achieve these targets, they also pledged to support their staff to realise their full potential by helping their employees with their wellbeing and to balance work-life demands by investing in learning and development at all levels. 

“An increased awareness of the components that impact on my resilience has enabled me to make choices that ensure I am able to achieve optimum performance in the workplace.”

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow
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