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Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

Newydd Housing Association: Resilience through Reform Project

Newydd provide affordable homes and support sustainable communities for their tenants and customers. They are a values driven organisation, which means their values define their culture and shape not only what they do but also how they do it. When we started working with them in 2018 the Leadership Team wanted to ensure their ethos was not lost whilst implementing change. They needed to deliver service transformation that would help them compete in the sector. However, there had already seen significant changes in the business that staff were affected by, and as a result resilience was low. Newydd Leaders had a clear vision about what they wanted to achieve and needed a micro behaviour change programme to boost their team resilience, pre service transformation, so staff had the energy, drive and motivation to carry out the necessary changes.

“I am impressed that our organisation recognised the difficulties within the team and then brought in Choose to Grow, as a lot of organisations don’t even recognise this stuff, it makes you feel valued as an employee.”

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow
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