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Award Winning Leadership

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Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow
Coaching for Executives

Executive coaching is a powerful, focused and effective development tool for senior leaders in any organisation. Our sessions are targeted to challenge and support our executives to help themselves, and others in their business, to excel. We can help you plan and implement strategic change, see the bigger picture, think ahead and develop the people, skills and culture to be ready for the future. This role is a must to support our senior leaders in developing their skills which are often rolled out to all tiers of management to embed the cultural shift they want to see.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow
Coaching for Leaders

Our exciting, fresh and engaging blend of support and challenge to help Leaders build personal impact, influence others and lead through complex change. For many in demanding roles it is a constant challenge to find time and the right environment to step back to consider the bigger issues, deal with change or develop new ways of working.  Integrating self, relationship and work can be a struggle. Our unique approach to coaching develops Leaders in organisations to succeed professionally and thrive personally.

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Coaching for Resilience

Resilience can sometimes be misunderstood as the ability to be armoured against difficulty. It isn’t. It is the capacity to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and emotions when under stress. That stress may come from a one-off event, such as career setback. It can also come from being exposed to relentless demands over a sustained period. Both are likely to occur in your career at some point and challenge your resilience. Using our research, psychometrics and unique coaching style we will help you explore what is different for you about the situation you are facing, the narrative you have created about yourself in relation to this situation, the resilience gap (and what new narrative will address that gap) and enacting the solution. 

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