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Entrepreneurial Leadership


About our offering

Imagine the best leader you know.

Everyone has one: someone who was motivating, collaborative, and kept the team moving toward a common goal. Perhaps this person had the authority of being a traditional leader, a boss or coach, for example. Or, it could be a peer who stepped up during an important project and thrived despite uncertainty and ambiguity.

Chances are, part of what made this person so effective was that they were an entrepreneurial leader.

When faced with the unknown, the best entrepreneurial leaders are good at experimenting, learning, and iterating. Compare this skillset to a more traditional “analyse, then act” leadership approach, and the difference is clear. A conventional leader might be great at assembling a puzzle when the picture is laid out to copy, while an entrepreneurial leader can dive in with no picture at all to start putting pieces together.

Like entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial leaders are made, not born. It’s a muscle that can be developed with time and practice. Budding entrepreneurial leaders share a handful of common characteristics:

-Entrepreneurial leaders want to solve problems collaboratively
-Entrepreneurial leaders value action and are outcomes-oriented
-Entrepreneurial leaders believe that things can be better, and that they can make an impact

And today more than ever before, these leaders are needed in all sectors.

This programme can be delivered in any frequency, intensity and duration depending on your requirements. It focuses on moving your leadership to the forefront of your organisation so they are visible and credible in your industry or sector. If you are concerned that you organisation is faceless, not making the impact you want to see, or influencing the partnerships around you then its likely your Leadership Team lack Entrepreneurial Leadership skills, and we can help them with our 5 E's philosophy.

Product Lead

Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll

I'm Emma Carroll and I am the Founder of Choose to Grow. I'm a Leadership Coach. I specialise in workplace resilience and have trained thousands of leaders in global organisations to continually collaborate & innovate in challenging times. My aim is to create a movement of Entrepreneurial Leaders with a mindset that focuses their organisation on turning problems into opportunities that can create economic and social value. My big game is to make the corporate world of work an exciting landscape to tackle some of the worlds most meaning full problems as this is the key to sustainable economic growth in hybrid organisations.

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