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Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

ensuring roi

Ensuring the best ROI from your L&D

How will you choose a partner to help with your organisational development goals? And how will you know whether their programmes and interventions will deliver? Our approach is driven entirely by your objectives. Our programmes are designed following rigorous problem identification and are always held to account by strict, outcome and effectiveness-based evaluation.

Our Discovery phase makes sure we understand where the problem lies and the wider context of your organisation’s strategic objectives and circumstances. We also bring a deep knowledge of the current issues impacting on organisations and the changing climate.


All of our organisational development programmes are conceived after a thorough investigation of the underlying problems causing the behaviours that the interventions are intended to change. This is how we will transform your organisation’s behaviour.


Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

The interventions we implement are always designed according to the organisation’s strategic objectives and circumstances rather than being a one-size-fits-all approach. We solve your problems rather than exacerbate them or make the situation even more complicated, which can all too often be the result.

We don’t conduct box-ticking programmes aimed at maximising headcount or meeting compliance demands at face value.  Our outcomes and reputation for success is very important to us, so all our client relationships incorporate an evaluation phase that is objective, based on ROI and the outcomes and objectives of the project rather than the inputs. 

For some clients this is part of multiple cycles of delivery and enables us to improve the effectiveness with each stage, and ensuring the best ROI from your L&D.

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