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Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

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How we make learning stick

When we think about learning & development in today’s world of work, we must recognise that the Bitesize revolution is upon us.  When our customers told us that they didn’t have time to spend long days in the training room, and the research informed us that only 35% of the content from a traditional training day was retained, it was a no brainer to change our delivery approach. So, we came up with our unique way of delivering organisational development which achieves higher retention and results from our learning solutions.  


We call it our High Impact Learning Model™ and it is driven by the following ethos:

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

Neuroscience is sexy, and in research we trust.

Everything we deliver is evidence based, drawing on the latest and the best psychology, behavioural studies and neuroscience.  We evaluate everything like a hawk, so if something isn’t working then we will change it.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow
Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

We choose to grow and develop much more than we realise.

At the core of our branding is the transformation and movement of performance by changing the way people think through choices.  Instead of taking you from A to B, Choose to Grow takes you from A to options. That’s how we make you sustainable.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

People only change and develop when it’s in their best interest.

We ensure that all our sessions target your employees’ self-interest through our action learning facilitation. This way, people change because they want to, not because your organisation demands it of them.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

One size fit’s no one!

By mixing the 4 learning disciplines up into bitesize approaches, your people will then feast on the skills, tools & techniques that they believe will help them most, in a learning environment that’s right for them. They will gain momentum and have the opportunity to review and refine their new skills as they implement them back in the workplace, with the support of our team.

We prescribe little and often.

Goal orientated practice is the key to making learning stick in your organisation.  Application ‘back at work’ exceeds by 85% when people discover a little at a time, giving them the chance to practice in between.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

Our revolutionary Bitesize approach breathes new life into how organisations develop their people.  If you are constantly looking for a new way to build a sustained competitive advantage, then this delivery approach is the one for you. 

By shifting the focus from helping people learn to helping them solve problems in the real world through resilient behaviour change, our High Impact Learning Model™ appeals to the employees’ self-interests and provides the tangible results you require as business leaders.

We believe that 5 minutes with a genius beats a month with a fool.

We carefully select the right delivery team, the right content and deliver it in the right way to your people. We have an extensive portfolio of diverse skills within our team and all our deliverers are highly skilled in delivering our methodology. This consists of pre and post module micro content and multiple 90 minute mind workouts linked to your design requirements. This is then supported by an action learning and coaching blend.  We know this approach works and is proven to deliver more impact than a traditional day-long event.

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