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In order to create a holistic portrayal of our OD practice in action, we have thrown together this ‘mash up’ of content to evaluate the effectiveness of both our processes and the nature of our interventions.   Here you will hear from some of our favourite peeps so you can make an educated decision about why you need to work with us…

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals UK: Resilience at Work Project

Otsuka Pharmaceutical UK is an affiliate of the wider European group. It is in a very exciting phase of its evolution, with the launch of the “Be the Best Together” Vision & Strategy in January 2018. They are a dynamic, growing organisation with a diverse group of motivated employees, all working together in an environment that fosters creativity. Otsuka’s success is built on a culture of unconventional creativity, innovation and collaboration. By encouraging their people to follow these ideals, they help to unlock their true potential as they strive to deliver new products for better health worldwide and create the healthcare solutions of tomorrow.  Their non-conformist attitude means that they avoid generic approaches to product development, instead focusing their energy on creating original products and, in doing so, making a real difference to the lives of patients.

“The Insights profiles were very helpful in supporting us to develop our Leadership style.”

Newydd Housing Association: Resilience through Reform Project

Newydd provide affordable homes and support sustainable communities for their tenants and customers. They are a values driven organisation, which means their values define their culture and shape not only what they do but also how they do it. When we started working with them in 2018 the Leadership Team wanted to ensure their ethos was not lost whilst implementing change. They needed to deliver service transformation that would help them compete in the sector. However, there had already seen significant changes in the business that staff were affected by, and as a result resilience was low. Newydd Leaders had a clear vision about what they wanted to achieve and needed a micro behaviour change programme to boost their team resilience, pre service transformation, so staff had the energy, drive and motivation to carry out the necessary changes.

“I am impressed that our organisation recognised the difficulties within the team and then brought in Choose to Grow, as a lot of organisations don’t even recognise this stuff, it makes you feel valued as an employee.”

Bron Afon Community Housing: Leading for Resilience 90 Day Challenge

Bron Afon’s ambition is to create flourishing communities in Wales, where everyone has a quality home and where people who need it are supported and encouraged. They are now in their 10th year since transferring from the Local Authority to a Community Led Mutual and have celebrated by setting themselves some stretching targets for the future. They pledged to be an agile, effective and efficient business, delivering the services tenants and customers need; provide a powerful voice and be a trusted presence for those who need it; and to have built hundreds of new homes and created thousands of life changing opportunities by 2023. To achieve these targets, they also pledged to support their staff to realise their full potential by helping their employees with their wellbeing and to balance work-life demands by investing in learning and development at all levels. 

“An increased awareness of the components that impact on my resilience has enabled me to make choices that ensure I am able to achieve optimum performance in the workplace.”

Monmouthshire HA: Risky Business Leadership & Team Development

MHA is known for providing high quality homes and services that meet their stakeholders’ expectations. On a daily basis they seek to transform lives by enabling communities to realise their ambitions. They have created an environment where people can have a brilliant quality of life, in areas where they aspire to live and work. We started working with MHA at the 7 year point since their inception.  The directorate needed to increase its ability to deal with external impacts in terms of process and practice.  Business sustainability was topical, and diversification was critical.  To improve organisational resilience, they recognised they needed to be more proactive in the sector and behave differently in the business climate to overcome the challenges ahead.

“The consultation, design and delivery of this organisational development activity will help us deliver our directorate plan.”


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