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The resilient organisation

There is no single formula for how to design a perfectly resilient organisation. As resilience researchers, we have found that any organisation, regardless of size or structure, can build planned and adaptive resilience capabilities. Resilience relates more to how an organisation can access and use resources when it needs them. 

An organisation’s resilience is drawn from its planned and adaptive capabilities. Organisations that invest in their planned resilience capabilities can sense change as it emerges, act to minimize the downside risk, and extract maximum upside. They can prevent many crises from ever occurring, and when they do occur, manage them responsively and effectively. However, planned resilience capabilities will only get an organisation so far. No crisis ever fits the plan, and organisations inevitably need to find ways to adapt and evolve. Being both planned and adaptive is the key to resilience.

Choose to Grow - Organisational Flow

With our help you can equip your workforce with the skills and strategies to adapt, optimise and sustain their performance when faced with challenges, change and uncertainty, regardless of their occupational position or economic sector. 


Using our resilience model, you can create a new breed of leader who can facilitate an enabling environment where employees transform from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’. You can build a resilient workforce that has increased emotional strength, improved focus and is able to rebound with new-found motivation amid the continual change that is becoming endemic within organisations today. 

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